The Bonneville Salt Flats have been calling our name for a couple of years now. Bonneville is a place like no other, one of the last places where you can go full-out and be officially timed on any number or type of machine, a place where the WORLD SPEED RECORDS are competed for and set. Bonneville is, as a good friend who raced there in the sixties put it, hallowed ground. . .

At Four Aces, we believe there is no other way to express our love for the Vintage Triumph Motorcycle than to race the crap out of them. Triumph Motorcycles were made in England, but they were perfected on the by God, BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS. We discovered in 2006 that there is no better feeling in the world than doing what speed freaks of current and past generations have done and are doing. We run vintage Triumphs on the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speed Week. Nope, no Johnny come lately Bub Speed Trials for this traditionalist crew, we hit Speed Week (Since 1947) with a vengeance with a Four Aces built 1951 Triumph TR5 Lakes Racer and a Chuck Zeglin built (with Four Aces help of course) 1954 Triumph Tiger Cub Lakester. These very traditional machines are our pride and joy and the Salt is in our blood. We are headed back in 2007 for another shot at the title. Chuck is looking to up his already existing Special Construction Vintage Gas World Record and I am just burning up to do the ton on the Salt. Hopefully it will all work out.

Our Bonneville Salt Flats assault is made much easier by some really good friends and sponsors.  Biltwell, Inc., has seen fit to help us out in the old traditional fashion of giving us a sizeable chunk of dough.  Chuck bought a big bore kit for his Cub and I blew my whole wad on some serious porting and polishing on my cylinder head, as well as converting it to a true dual carb head.  Watch for it on my BLOG.  Steve Moody, our neighbor at the Arminta Arms, also sponsors us by paying our entry fee for Speed Week and loaning me his alloy Borriani rims for my Triumph.  He does this for no other reason than to see his name in the SCTA/BNI books.  Steve is a true enthusiast who gives generously.  Also, Mike Weisbart at Patterson Engineering gave Chuck a bitchin set of wheels for the Cub.  Thanks guys for making our grassroots effort a little less painful.  We are seeking more sponsors, so give me a ring at the shop for details . 

Lately Chuck and I have also joined the Sidewinders Dry Lakes Racing Club and will be starting to get ready for El Mirage Dry Lakes Racing. This means that we can compete for Southern California Timing Association records at the El Mirage Dry lake during the regular season. We will be campaigning the same bikes as at Bonneville, but at sea level instead of the high elevations of Bonneville.

Once or twice a year, the Four Aces Crew also does a little drag racing. For this endeavor, though, we turn to our good friend and mentor, Mike Parti for our Weapons of War. Mike is an “old timer” around here with plenty of old motorcycle racing experience. Except when Mike raced them, they were NOT old bikes!! Mike has the Factory and I am the rider. We have been fortunate to race Mike’s Rickman 8 Valve Headed Triumph and his 1940 Whatever Indian Scout motored Velocette framed mix-match of parts. The Triumph kicks ass and the Indian is just the coolest bike you ever saw.